M. Terry Bowman likes non-fiction, fiction, travel writing, poetry, erotica, and blogging.  Memories of living and working in the UK, traveling around the world, and crossing paths with colorful characters fuel her imagination.  Her idea of fun is to collect more stamps in her passport, play with her granddaughter, sample wonderful food, dance in a flash mob, watch a film, and walk near the Golden Gate Bridge.  Since 2012, she runs an occupational therapy private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area working with adults who have mental health and wellness needs.  She is a part-time photographer and has sold a couple of her photographs; others have been showcased on various websites.

Contently Portfolio available here.


Best Travel Writing Solas Awards 2017, Bronze for “Shakespeare Slipped Through My Fingers” in the category of Doing Good or the Kindness of Strangers.


I Must Be Off!: The 2016 I Must Be Off! Travel Writing Competition, Shortlisted for “Shakespeare Slipped Through My Fingers.” Placed top 30 out of 647 entries.


- “7 Mental Health Clinicians Reflect Upon Working on 9/11″ published in Pulse (September 2016).

- “How One Question Turned My Life Around” published in Sweatpants & Coffee (June 2016).

Remembering the Days that Breathed Pink published by Quaci Press (February 2016). The following seven poems were included in this poetry anthology: “Geography of a Solo Traveler,” “The Appointed Our,” “The Tide is High,” “Debt Collector,” “What a Difference a Day Makes,” “Code Red,” and “Superwoman.”

- “Debt Collector” published in ZO Magazine (January 2016).

“Lady in Red” published in skirt! magazine (May 2014).

Thanks for the Mammary published by Quaci Press (January 2014).


Travel Writers and Photographers Conference (Corte Madera, CA) (Aug. 2015)

- Creative Writing III – Roberta Reynolds (San Mateo, CA) (June-July 2015)

- Creative Writing – Larry Habegger (San Francisco, CA) (June-July 2014)

- Travel Writing Intensive – Don George (Corte Madera, CA) (Jan.-Feb. 2014)

- Creative Writing II – Roberta Reynolds (San Mateo, CA) (Jan.-May 2013)

- Bible As Literature – Roberta Reynolds (San Mateo, CA) (Jan.-May 2013)

- Creative Writing I – Roberta Reynolds (San Mateo, CA) (Aug.-Dec. 2012)

- Advanced Writers Workshop II – Linda Watanabe McFerrin (Oakland, CA) (Apr.-June 2012)

- Advanced Writers Workshop I – Linda Watanabe McFerrin (Oakland, CA) (Jan.-Mar. 2012)

- “The Plot Thickens” – Linda Watanabe McFerrin (Corte Madera, CA) (Dec. 2011)

- National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) (Nov. 2011)

- “The Mindful Writer: Practices For Great Writing & A Great Life” – Albert Flynn DeSilver (Corte Madera, CA) (Oct.-Nov. 2011)

- “Dig Into Your Story” – Spike Gillespie (Austin, TX) (June-August 2011)