The clinician and writer in me struggled to find the right words to document after a session I had today with a client as well as something I needed to write for my business.  I thought the best course of …

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Report on California Coalition for Mental Health (CCMH) Meeting


On behalf of the Occupational Therapy Association of California (OTAC) and the Psychiatric Occupational Therapy Action Coalition (POTAC), I attended the California Coalition for Mental Health (CCMH) meeting that was held on March 20, 2012 in Sacramento, CA. Below is an overview of the meeting.

After Peter Schroeder, CCMH president, welcomed the members and the minutes from the January 25, 2012 meeting were approved, the CCMH treasurer reported that the organization planned to contribute to Sacramento Advocacy Day on March 28, 2012, they welcomed the California Elder Mental Health and Aging Coalition as a new member, and voted regarding the Racial & Ethnic Mental Health Disparities Coalition (REMHDCO).

An Ex-boyfriend with a Memory Like a Sieve


Last night, several of my friends and I went to a park in San Mateo to watch the fireworks. I bumped into a former boyfriend who I hadn’t seen in many years. When I said, “I’m Terry from Guildford Avenue,” the same street he lived on, my comment was met with a blank stare. Our interaction was a bit awkward particularly since my friends were listening to us. Back in the day he went so far as to give me a ring that belonged to his mother. The ring had a purple stone set in a gold setting and it looked expensive and huge. I was uncomfortable having it in my possession. The next day, he regretted giving me the ring and he asked for it back. You’d think he’d remember that situation or our relationship or maybe even me. Perhaps I shouldn’t have assumed he’d remember the same things from third grade like I still do.



The New Yorker polled people for feedback as to which words should be eliminated from the English language and moist was one suggestion.

I immediately thought of the following:

San Francisco fog…Pomp and Circumstance at graduation…lips…the first time my daughter said, ”Mom”…bathroom mirror after a hot shower…Thanksgiving Day turkey…rainforest in Costa Rica…Gael Garcia Bernal…slow dancing in middle school… dropping a baton during a performance…giving a speech at my convocation…holding hands on a first date…my friend’s pants after gardening on a hot summer day in Austin…comforting a feverish loved one…

In the Middle of the Night


These interruptions in the wee hours of the morning have got to stop, my dear. When I returned to San Francisco I realized how much I missed you. You welcomed me again with open arms. You brought me so much …

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To-may-toe, To-mah-toe

Big Ben

A woman I met last summer in Austin will be moving to England soon. As I’ve followed her status updates it’s been fun to remember similar steps I needed to do or feelings I experienced as I prepared for my new life in the UK. The subject of communication came up this week. I grew-up with a British stepfather and visited England on a few occasions, but that wasn’t sufficient to prepare me for some basics in verbal and non-verbal communication. I lived in the UK from February 2006 to September 2010 and made several mistakes when it came to language and culture. I read, researched, and asked questions, but more oftentimes than not it was a blunder on my part that cemented in my brain, “Don’t say that” or “Don’t do that.” The following were lessons learned, ahem…learnt.