Coping During the Holidays

Take a hike!

The holidays are a time for celebrating, but it can be difficult for many for various reasons. Markers of time such as holidays can serve as a reminder to some that they aren’t celebrating such events with loved ones due …

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Bystander Effect

Crowded bus

My original plans for today changed last night when my car broke down. Turns out finding an auto repair shop in San Francisco that could fix it today was not as easy as I had hoped. I eventually found a …

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Hearts and Stars: A Blessing and a Curse

That's Better

The first time I saw Jennifer pregnant was five days before Jane was born.  It was September 26, 2009, Grandparent’s Day in the UK.  That day was the first time I met Ryan, Jane’s father, too. Jennifer was scheduled to …

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Hearts and Stars: A Star is Born

A Star is Born

In May 2009, I had learned that my grandchild would be a girl and her name would be “Jane Ellen.” I sent the following email to her in July 2009 when my daughter was pregnant. * * * * * …

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Hearts and Stars: Denial and Acceptance


I heard my daughter, Jennifer, the first time. And the second time. And the third time. Yet somehow “What?!” was my only response to her over the phone when she told me she was pregnant. I had given notice to …

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Hearts and Stars: Valentine’s Day 2009

Washington, DC
Inauguration of Barack Obama

It was evening time on Valentine’s Day 2009.  Life was in flux, uncertain, and exciting as it had been since I decided to move overseas.  The previous month I was in Washington, DC for the Inauguration of Barack Obama followed …

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House Sitting, Pet Sitting Available in San Diego, CA

Brady and Me

Do you live in San Diego, CA and need a house sitter and/or pet sitter in August 2014?  A member of my family will have major surgery and I need to be there by the 13th, possibly stay for one …

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Reflections on #BookADay 2014

Reflections on #BookADay 2014

Thanks to Borough Press in the UK for encouraging readers around the world to share their opinions on books:  the beloved, unfinished, and disliked to name a few.  I learned about #BookADay on May 31, 2014 and thought it would …

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#BookADay: A Controversial Book, Series

Fifty Shade of Grey by EL James

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by EL James has sold 100 million copies worldwide.  It’s number eight in the top ten bestselling books of all time.  Many heterosexual couples have raved about how it saved their relationship, made it spicier.  I’m …

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#BookADay: Resource for Travel Writers

Guide to Travel Writing by Don George

The title says it all: Lonely Planet’s Guide To Travel Writing: Expert Advice From The World’s Leading Travel Publisher. Inside is a wealth of information about the mechanics of a good travel article, essay, and story as well as interviews from those …

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