The Game of Life, One Tile at a Time

As I write and edit today as well as make a gift for someone using a Scrabble board, I’m struck by how something small, such as a letter, can turn into a word, then a sentence, to a paragraph, and then a story, and the interrelatedness of it all. Change one letter and the story changes, too. Life begins with one tile, eye contact, a diagnosis, a smile, a book, “Hello,” an email, a compliment, red lipstick, a kiss, “good-bye,” a seed, a date, a woman who climbs a flag pole, “yes,” a single rose, “I do,” a child, someone who will listen, one step, Unfriend, a divorce, a passport, an acceptance, a pill, one person who gives a damn.

Shift the outcome with an addition or subtraction of a tile. What does your life spell? What’s your story?

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