Reflections on #BookADay 2014

Thanks to Borough Press in the UK for encouraging readers around the world to share their opinions on books:  the beloved, unfinished, and disliked to name a few.  I learned about #BookADay on May 31, 2014 and thought it would be enlightening and perhaps fun to discover which books I would highlight for the month of June.  Borough Press provided a calendar of potential topics to write about; the rebel in me decided to come up with my own.

In the first week of June I came down with a flu.  Shortly after that I fell and twisted my ankle.  For a week and a half I was physically unwell.  As a result I was behind in my daily #BookADay postings, but I caught up before the end of the month.

A couple of things I’d like to emphasize – none of the authors I critiqued knew I would do so.  Also, I did not receive any compensation whatsoever to write about a particular book.

Now that June is over, here are the following highlights from my participation in #BookADay 2014:

Many thanks to my friends, family, and connections on social media who liked, shared, tweeted, favorited, and commented on my various blogs.  I had no idea when I started which books I’d focus on let alone the reception each post would garner.  The experience was positive and fun.  Thank you to Borough Press for #BookADay.

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