Monkey See, Monkey Do

Imitation:  “The developing ability to mirror, repeat, and practice the actions of others, either immediately or later.”  California Department of Education

This morning I stood in my kitchen, half-awake, and with some serious bed hair that would have rivaled Roseanne Roseannadanna.  As I reached for my package of Pleasant Morning Buzz, I uttered a word so many of us have said in the early hours of the day, “Coffee.”  My actions reminded me of what happened a couple of days ago.

My granddaughter, Jane, and I spent some time together on Sunday before my daughter and son-in-law came over for dinner.  The four of us celebrated Jane’s third birthday.  I love my role as a grandmother; what I noticed this weekend was how much Jane is imitating others now.  Imitation is important in a child’s development and it’s amusing and entertaining to see what a child picks up from others.  At one point, I handed Jane a cup of juice.  She took the cup from me, lowered her voice, and slowly said, “Coffee.”  Later, during dinner, she picked up my iPhone, pressed the microphone icon to activate Siri, drew the phone close to her mouth and said, “Buy cookies.”  I think Steve Jobs would have been pleased to know this.

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