House Sitting, Pet Sitting Available in San Diego, CA

Do you live in San Diego, CA and need a house sitter and/or pet sitter in August 2014?  A member of my family will have major surgery and I need to be there by the 13th, possibly stay for one week.  I’m an occupational therapist (OT), writer, and photographer.  If you have an extra bedroom available in a smoke-free, dog-free home, I’m happy to barter services, too.  I have traveled around the world alone and with others, stayed at many people’s homes, and cared for pets, too.  Lots of people that I know can provide you a reference.  My Russian Blue cat, Brady, would give you a reference if you understand cat-speak.

If you have an extra bedroom, most of my time while in San Diego will be spent at the hospital.  I’m quiet, clean, a former Girl Scout, love bad puns, and can make a mean potato casserole.  Interested?  Contact me on this page and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible.  Thank you!

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