Fall Seven Times, Stand-up Eight

Early this morning it poured.  I was tempted to not go to the gym, but I didn’t want to use the weather as an excuse not to exercise.  I drove to the gym, parked my car, and checked into foursquare.  It alerted me to the fact that I earned a ‘Gym Rat’ badge and said I’d been to the YMCA “10x in 30 days…P.S. You look nice today!”  On any other day I would ignore the silly messages, but as I got out of my car I felt good about myself.  Up the umbrella went and I walked in the rain.  I reflected on the fact that my knee is healing from patellar tendinitis and how happy I was that I could go for a walk on the beach this past Saturday without feeling pain in my knee.

I rounded the corner to the entrance of the YMCA and slipped on the wet cement.  Funny how time passes when you don’t have control of something.  My umbrella flew out of my hand and my gym bag slipped off my arm as I tried to right myself and not fall.  I was acutely aware of the wall just inches from me and I was scared my head would smash into it.  BOOM!  I was down.  Within seconds at least three people asked me if I was okay.  I happened to fall down in front of some sort of aerobics class that caused the instructor to run up to the window and ask me, “Are you all right?”  A kind soul offered to help me up.  I just needed to catch my breath and do a quick assessment that I could move various parts of my body.  A staff member came outside and I assured her I would be okay and explained to her what happened.  I told her I was fine and that I still wanted to work out in the pool.

As I exercised in the water I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes:  “Fall seven times, stand-up eight.”  My back, right wrist, and right leg are all sore, but I’m incredibly grateful I didn’t hit my head against the concrete or that I suffered a Colles’ fracture on my dominant hand.

Life happens and sometimes it sucks.  Whenever I fall, I hope I will continue to stand-up.

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