#BookADay: What I’m Reading Now – Stephen King

What I’m reading now is Stephen King‘s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. On the bus the other day I had to close the book because I laughed so hard when I read the following:

“Eula-Beulah was prone to farts — the kind that are both loud and smelly. Sometimes when she was so afflicted, she would throw me on the couch, drop her wool-skirted butt on my face, and let loose. “Pow!” she’d cry in high glee. It was like being buried in marshgas fireworks. I remember the dark, the sense that I was suffocating, and I remember laughing. Because, while what was happening was sort of horrible, it was also sort of funny. In many ways, Eula-Beulah prepared me for literary criticism. After having a two-hundred-pound babysitter fart on your face and yell Pow!, The Village Voice holds few terrors.”

Thank you, Mr. King. I shall think of this scene the next time someone criticizes my work.


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