#BookADay: Travel Book Recommendation

If Lisa Alpine’s life were a Disneyland attraction, one would need an E Ticket to experience it. I attended her book party at The Depot Bookstore & Cafe in Mill Valley, CA to celebrate Wild Life:  Travel Adventures of a Worldly Woman. She told the standing room only crowd about her collection of short stories — “Most of these were born from saying yes to some crazy ass idea.” Per her own admission, her stories aren’t generated from volumes of journals or note taking; rather, she waits for them to “percolate.” On where she decides to travel, Lisa said, “I don’t prefer to go to places known.” This is evident in both Exotic Life and Wild Life. The latter touches upon people and places introduced in the former with equal depth and breadth. Her curiosity, openness, and desire to explore life and connect with all living things are enviable and admirable. A life lived to the fullest that capitalized on opportunity, yes. Her latest book is another lovely read. Like the previous one, I reread select parts for its music, poetry, and heart. “Polka Dot Bikini” made me laugh till I cried. Makes me want to buy one and risk its potential effects on others.

The moon is just a hole in the tent

And the stars are where the cloth wore thin.

– Wild Life, page 14


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