#BookADay: Great Women’s Travel Anthology

I stumbled upon The Best Women’s Travel Writing anthologies many years ago. As a single parent, thoughts of being a solo woman traveler seemed foreign to me, something that I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to experience. In the meantime, I read many books from Travelers’ Tales including the aforementioned anthologies. Back then, I knew only a few women who ventured on their own around the globe. Now I know many! The Best Women’s Travel Writing is a great series. They’re a collection of well-written, thought provoking, heartfelt, and sometimes hysterical accounts of women’s experiences crossing through unknown territories. Or at least different cultural perspectives of well-known places.

On the day of my 35th birthday, I flew from San Francisco to Thailand to travel alone for 20 days. That trip was the start of something wonderful. When I’m not transporting myself to some other location to explore and experience, then I listen to and read other women’s stories. The Best Women’s Travel Writing anthologies are wonderful ways to travel vicariously.


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