#BookADay: First Book to Stir My Imagination

The first books I was given as a little girl were Little Golden Books. My first Dr. Seuss book was Green Eggs and Ham. It really caught my eye and I treasured it. The picture of green ham disgusted me, but it was perhaps the first time I realized how a story could be shaped, warped, and bent to entertain, amuse, or scare someone. I liked that and was attracted to its uniqueness. Based on the way Dr. Seuss books were written and how they were drawn, I usually wanted to climb into the pages and see more of the landscape, play with the characters. That’s how my five-year-old mind worked. Heck, it’s how my mind still works.

I fondly reflect upon those very early days as a reader and fan of Dr. Seuss. Rhymes, word play, and double entendres – oh, the places I’ll go with those under my belt! Who knew that the foundation of me as a woman writer, poet started with Green Eggs and Ham.  


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