#BookADay: Favorite Travel Guides

When I decided to leave England and return to the US in 2010, one of the last possessions that I parted with were my travel guides. My goal was to completely empty my one bedroom flat in the city centre of Birmingham, UK except for what I could fit into three suitcases. That meant I had to relinquish my travel books. I can still see my bookcase near the front door of my home. On the top shelf, evidence of all the countries I had visited while I lived in England sat as a reminder of my adventures.

The top travel guides that I had purchased were, in no particular order, Lonely Planet, DK Eyewitness Travel Guides, and Time Out. Lonely Planet guides were no nonsense, cut to the chase books. The DK Eyewitness Travel Guides provided plentiful and colorful slices into famous buildings, architecture, museums, etc. Time Out was a series I discovered while I lived in England. There’s even a Time Out London Magazine, too. My Time Out Prague guidebook included pick up lines.  If circumstances necessitated, the book translated from English to Czech such gems as Would you like to go to the pig slaughter with me? and Would you like to try my goulash?    Brilliant.


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