#BookADay: Favorite Cookbooks

I’ve downsized my belongings over the last few years including my cookbooks.  Three in particular are favorites that I suspect will always be resources for me.

Sunset Easy Basics for Good Cooking I moved into my first apartment with my boyfriend and daughter when I was 18 years old.  This cookbook was the first one I ever purchased.  Discovered a mashed potato casserole recipe that is my go-to and signature dish after all these years, a poster child for comfort food.  For sentimental reasons I have kept this cookbook.

Ottolenghi:  The Cookbook I lived in England for almost five years.  A visit to London always included a stop at Ottolenghi in Notting Hill.  Every time I walked through the door, my eyes were slammed with heaping platters of vibrant salads and baked goods, both savory and sweet.  Just past the register, a few steps down lead to the only table in the place.  It’s communal style for the lucky dozen or so that could fit around it during the shop’s busy times.  Typically, I left there with cardboard boxes filled with goodies.  During the long train ride home from London I feasted on some of my treats, listened to my iPod, and relaxed as the train whizzed by rolling green fields dotted with sheep.  Whenever I flip through the pages of this cookbook I’m instantly transported back to Ottolenghi.  The cookbook is a great resource for many dietary needs or desires.

Williams-SonomaTools & Techniques Cookbooks should have many big colorful pictures and this resource fits the bill.  I take pleasure in flipping through one book with lots of information versus relying on multiple Internet searches.  This book recommends tools for specific cooking/baking activities.  It also has a great deal of simple instructions on how to perform and perfect common cooking techniques.


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