#BookADay: Favorite Bookstores

Here is the top five bookstores that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting and would return to the next time I am in town.

BookOff, San Diego, California:  Great prices on used books, CDs, tapes, DVDs.  Everything is in order.  Clean.  Helpful staff.

Book Passage, Corte Madera, California:  Nice selection of resources, promotes local and international authors, offers many classes and workshops.

BookPeople, Austin, Texas:  One of the few bookstores in the US that authors will make a point of visiting.  Friendly staff.  Two floors of fun, learning, and one of the things that keeps Austin weird.

Hatchards, London, United Kingdom:  Born in 1797.  Dark curvy wooden staircases.  Elegance.  Gray.  Still ticking.  She could keep you up at night with stories of famous authors who have graced her multiple floors.  Royalty have shopped there.  All that is missing is a hot cuppa and biscuits.

Shakespeare & Company, Paris, France:  Character.  Steep, narrow ladder.  Small booth with a tiny desk, typewriter.  A place to crash for the night.  At one time a black kitty could be found sitting on a messy stack of books.  Before Sunset.  Across the river from Notre Dame.


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