#BookADay: A Thought-Provoking Book

A couple of years ago, my personal trainer at the time and I talked about favorite reads.  We shared a similar history and subsequent outlook on life.  I liked her, too, so I trusted her judgment.  One of the books she highly recommended was The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien.  On the way home from the gym I stopped at the library, borrowed the book, and devoured it in one night.  The book is a collection of stories based on O’Brien’s experience in Vietnam.  One scene in particular disturbed me.  It was so devastating, vivid.  A dark example of how war can mentally eat a person.  The title reflects the items, weight, and significance of what a soldier carried in his pack.  Those items were woven throughout the book when each was used – wonderfully written.  A must read to get a tiny glimpse into the horror a soldier goes through that most of us cannot even fathom or comprehend.


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