Acknowledgement and Thanks

I announced on September 10, 2012 that my new website was completed.  As I reviewed the blog posts I realized they started right before I moved to England.  They’ve highlighted and chronicled my life since 2005.  What was interesting to me was to see how many of my fantasies became a reality since that time.  One of them was to start a private practice.  I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge specific individuals who have helped me realize that goal.

Thanks to Sarah Eggen-Thornhill of OT House Calls and Eileen Auerbach, Chair of the Psychiatric Occupational Therapy Action Coalition (POTAC).  Both of them met with me in person, spoke to me on the phone, and answered several emails and texts of mine.  The POTAC Steering Committee, which I was actively involved with for almost sixteen years, has been supportive.  Lisa Silao-Haka sent me a thick packet of paperwork that provided some good resources for me.  Karen Leigh and Andrew Klompus made the first two referrals for my private practice.  Thanks to them I officially opened my doors for business in May 2012.

A big shout-out to the Uhuru Network; specifically, Peter Lang, Vanessa Rodriguez, and Chris Durham.  I’m not a technical person; Peter answered many questions without making me feel small for asking them in the first place.  He was also instrumental for the social media suggestions and advice that he provided.  Vanessa provided a lot of creative input based on how I envisioned my website’s appearance.  Chris made a few videos that easily explain how I can edit my new site.

In the process of putting the website together, several folks helped me as well.  Thanks to my daughter, Jennifer M. Morgan, who looked over the beta versions and provided input, particularly as she was preoccupied with her wedding in June 2012.  I appreciate Meghan Daniels, Zac Brandon, and Christina Lombardi who volunteered and reviewed draft text for pages on the website.  Thank you to Bobbi Cauchi for the typewriter photo.  I used that picture for the ‘Writer’ image on my homepage.  When I created a Twitter account, Eric Schnell showed me how to navigate it.  My cousin, Geoffrey Anderson, has drafted a business card for me.

Finally, I’m grateful for my family and friends who have been cheerleaders and supporters of my endeavors.  In particular, one of my best friends, Dawn Green, has been by my side through thick and thin.  Dawn and her family have assisted me in numerous ways since my move in August 2012.

My heart is full knowing how many people have contributed to my new private practice and website.  On September 17, 2010, I said good-bye to my life in the UK and returned stateside.  A lot of wonderful things have happened in the last couple of years, particularly in the last few months. I feel blessed – THANK YOU!

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